Adult Gymnastics

Adult gymnastics was a huge hit last night. It is something we hope to do again soon. As we strive to expand classes, we will possibly try to offer Adult Gymnastics on different days, as well as changing our age restriction to 16+ years old. That way our high school and college dancers, cheerleaders, and gymnasts can also refresh their skills. We had many different skill levels at Adult Gymnastics and everyone was challenged at their own pace. It was a lot of fun to have some of our parents and friends working out in a fun and safe way.

Flips & Fun Night

sets 2013-2014 096We are excited to be offering a new program for our members…our Flips & Fun Nights! These extra classes are offered on select Thursdays and gives our students an extra opportunity to work on skills and receive individual attention. This is a great time for students to meet new friends that do not attend their regular class and also they are able to work along side students of different ages.  Sometimes there will be older students working on more advanced skills so the younger students can see what the skills should look like. At other times the students will be on the older end of the group where they can be a leader. This can be very beneficial for those children who are usually the youngest in their class and it gives them the opportunity to have others follow them, giving them a sense of being a leader and a good example to follow.  There are all different types of learners and we like to give them all a chance to shine!

sets 2013-2014 088We had our first Flips & Fun Night two weeks ago and it was great to see all of the students working hard and having fun! We worked on Front and Back Walkovers.  We opened this class up to students 7 years old and older.  We had a wonderful response and all of the students were able to work on increasing their flexibility and taking their walkovers to the next level.  Some of the gymnasts were already able to do walkovers when they attended the class, which was an excellent inspiration to the students who were just beginning to learn the new skills.  These children were challenged to try different types of walkovers (more difficult skills using the walkover as the base skill) and some of them even tried walkovers on the beam!  Several students were able to succeed in completing walkovers by themselves and all left the session knowing the 3 basic parts to both the Front and Back Walkovers.

sets 2013-2014 081On Thursday October 10th we had our second Flips & Fun Night. We worked on swinging on rings, bars, a rope, and a trapeze. We opened this class up to students who are 18 months to 12 years old. Just like our first Flips & Fun Night we had another wonderful response. All of the students worked on certain skills they can do while swinging. The students enjoyed swinging over the high and low bars as well. We worked on increasing their strength and flexibility.The students were challenged to try new skills that they haven’t tried before. Several gymnasts were able to do handstands on the bars and others got to see how high they could climb up the rope. They enjoyed learning how to improve their skills on the trapeze and rings. Most students were able to stay in a pike or an upside down straddle while swinging from the trapeze and rings! All of the students left the session learning a new skill they can do while swinging from the equipment.

It was exciting to see both our Cartwheeling Kids and Tumbling Teens working together and encouraging one another.  The idea of having an optional, extra class where students of all levels can come together and work on one particular skill or event has given us a chance to expand our ever growing program.   We are very pleased with the outcome of this idea and are looking forward to many more Flips & Fun Nights in the future!

2013 USA Gymnastics National Congress

What is Gymnastics National Congress? And Why It Is Important!

2013 National CongressLet me tell you a little bit about Congress and why it is one of my favorite conferences to go to each year. USA Gymnastics Congress provides a unique opportunity to attend presentations, demonstrations and educational seminars on a variety of topics within the sport of gymnastics. Sessions are taught by nationally recognized professionals from all areas of gymnastics, including Women’s, Men’s, Rhythmic, Acrobatics, Trampoline and Tumbling, and Group Gymnastics. There are also preschool/recreational education, sport science, fitness and business management lectures that are offered. Congress is a 3-4 day event that takes place once a year and I (Karen) have been attending since 1989. Each year we open up the opportunity to more Flips staff members so that we continue to grow and educate ourselves in the sport that we all love ~ GYMNASTICS!

Just a couple of weeks ago 4 of our Flips staff members attended National Congress in Hartford CT. We split up and some went to lectures/demonstrations on Pre-School and Recreational activities while others attended Business and Safety sessions. We were able to learn from experts in our field and also able to brainstorm with colleagues from around the US on how to improve the quality of our services. Learning from others and sharing ideas is so important for all of us. It is so inspirational to be surrounded by others who have the same passion for gymnastics and drive to excel as we do.

In addition to the exceptional education experience, we were able to attend the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame induction ceremonies of the 2007 Women’s World Championships Gold Medal Team and the 2012 Olympic Gold Medal Women’s Team (Gabby Douglas, McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman, Kyla Ross, and Jordyn Wieber). It was exciting to be invited to these ceremonies and in the presence of such great gymnasts and their coaches!

One of the most exciting events during this past Congress experience was that we went to the P & G Gymnastics Championships, a world-class competition. We watched as the up and coming Olympic hopefuls competed next to some of the former Olympic gymnasts, Kyla Ross and McKayla Maroney, to be named as a member of the US World Championship team. So impressive to see such talent ~ LIVE! Some of the most outstanding gymnastics we’ve ever seen!

As we get ready to begin our 5th year here at Flips R 4 Kids, we are excited to use some of the ideas and skills that we were able to gain from attending National Congress this year! And of course we can’t wait until next year’s Congress, which we are already planning to attend!

See more photos from our trip on our Fun Photos page! >



The Benefits of Gymnastics

Begin Here, Go Anywhere!

“Flips R 4 Kid’s mission is to provide a safe, positive environment, where children of all abilities, can experience new challenges.  Through our fun filled gymnastics and tumbling classes, children will develop strength, flexibility, coordination and self-confidence.”

Gymnastics is great for everyone from ages 18 months to 18 years! It is an excellent way for children of all ages to work on their gross and fine motor skills while getting exercise in a fun and safe environment. Gymnastics helps build a strong foundation for all sports from cheerleading to dance, martial arts and swimming/diving. It also develops strength, flexibility and agility for other sports such as soccer, hockey, football, baseball, basketball and lacrosse.  Children learn how to keep their body’s safe while pushing themselves to try new challenges. They also are encouraged to look forward to the next steps in achieving their goals. Getting your child involved in gymnastics at a young age gives them a strong foundation for the rest of their sports endeavors.

We pride ourselves on:benefits of gymnastics

  • Teaching kids how to have fun
  • How to be confident in their physical abilities
  • Developing their social skills

This summer, our gymnasts and tumblers have been working on learning new skills and challenging themselves during each class. We use obstacle courses in our classes to help each student work on new skills while keeping them active.

During the month of August we will be finishing up our summer program and our staff will be training and taking courses to prepare for our fall session. Our staff stays current with new gymnastics techniques and current safety and first aid procedures so that all of our students train in a safe and positive environment. We make sure that each student feels successful no matter how big or small the accomplishment!